10+ Ways to boost your Amazon Affiliate earning

Amazon Associates Program is one of the most popular affiliate programs used by internet markets and bloggers across the globe. I personally use it to monetize my Tech blog Techlomedia and earn a big amount each month. If you are finding it hard to get sales and earnings on Amazon’s affiliate program, keep reading. In this article, I will tell you some proven ways to boost your income from Amazon Associates Program.

Amazon Associates Program was introduced back in 1998. Since then, it has been giving a big opportunity to entrepreneurs and bloggers to earn money. After joining Amazon Associates Program, you just need to promote Amazon products using your affiliate link and earn a commission with each sale. The more product you recommend, the more you earn. There is no threshold on your maximum earning. You can earn as much as you can.

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce stores in several countries. It also sells products from almost all categories including electronics, books, clothing, kitchen gadgets, beauty products, and more. This makes the Amazon Associate program suitable for all kinds of bloggers. You could be a tech blogger, fashion blogger, or book reviewer, You can use Amazon Associate Program to earn a good income.

Here is a snapshot of my one month’s earnings on Amazon India’s associate program. So, the earning is in Indian currency i.e. Indian Rupees.

This earning is from a Tech blog with Indian traffic. The conversion rate isn’t good, still, the earning is good enough to motivate most people.

People who start with the Amazon associate program usually start linking to affiliate product pages within the blog post. Some people share links on social media. But this isn’t enough. You don’t need to products but recommend products. There are several other things to follow. So, keep reading and I will explain what steps you need to follow for boosting your Amazon Associate earning.

1. Target buying keyword

It is really important to understand what are the popular buying keywords. For example, there are more than 50000 searches for “Laptops under 50000.” If you target this keyword and optimize your blog post, there are high chances of getting sales. The keyword depends on your blog’s niche. So, it is really important to find out buying keywords that can be used in your blog post. I use SEMRush for this keyword research. SEMRush helps in finding popular keywords with low competition. For my tech blog, I use SEMRush to find out keywords related to different gadgets and electronics items. This helps me a lot and my blog now ranks in different keywords related to headphones, routers, laptops, and other items. People who are looking to buy something find my blog posts on Google searches and click on affiliate links to buy products.

You can also start using SEMRush to find out keywords and then write blog posts on that keywords. Learn on-page optimization to properly optimize your blog posts for target keywords for better organic search ranking.

2. Write listicle articles

Listicle articles do well in promoting affiliate products. For example, “Best laptops under 50000 INR,” “Bast headphones under 5000 INR,” and similar listicles. As my blog ranks well in India, I write listicles for Indian consumers. You can make listicles targeting consumers of any other country. While researching for a product, listicles help a lot in making buying decisions.

You should also beautify your listicle article by adding an eye-catching comparison chart and table. Here’s an example article from my blog Techlomedia.

3. Don’t ignore keywords with low search volume

While doing keyword research, most people prefer selecting keywords with high search volume and low competition. If you are doing keyword research for an affiliate blog, don’t ignore keywords with low search volume. For example, there are not many people who can afford a costly camera. So, not many searches for “Gaming laptops with RTX 3080.” These laptops cost over Rs. 1.5 Lakh (~ $2000). Amazon offers a 4% commission on laptops. So, ~$80 on each sale. Suppose only 3000 people search for this keyword in a month. This isn’t an impressive search volume. So, basically, 100 searches a day. If you manage to rank well on this keyword, your blog post may get 70-90 people a day. So, selling at least 1 laptop is possible if your blog post is convincing enough. If you manage to sell one laptop daily, you can end up earning $2400 just from a single blog post. Now assume if you have 10 articles ranking well with similar sales potential.

4. Recommend good and genuine products

While recommending a product, always make sure it is worth recommending and genuine. If people find your recommendation useful, they will surely come back to look for more recommendations on your blog. It is better if you only recommend products that you have personally used.

5. Use in-content links

Never miss a chance to link products within the content of your blog post. If you are mentioning a product, add your affiliate link. If you are adding a product image, link it to an affiliate product. When people are reading content, they often click on images. If images are linked to products, users land to Amazon using your affiliate link.

6. Include A Call To Action

Call to action like “Click Here,” “Click to Buy,” and “Buy Here” encourages clicks. So, you should also incline a call to action in your article content. This helps a lot. I personally tested it found that adding call to action texts and buttons has increased the clicks on affiliate links by almost 150%.

7. Keep updating your articles

You should keep checking your existing articles and update the content. If someone is looking for action, he/she will most probably buy the latest model. If you once recommended GoPro Hero6 and Hero7 is now available, you should update the article. This goes with every kind of product including laptop and headphone. So, keep updating your article with latest offerings.

8. Monetize your international traffic

Amazon offers services in several countries. So, you shouldn’t miss a chance to monetize your international traffic. Join the Amazon Associate program of different countries to maximize your sales. If a person who lives in the US clicks on your affiliate link and visits Amazon India, there is no chance of a sale. You must send the US person to Amazon USA website. Amazon itself offers link localization called “Amazon One Link” that redirects to local Amazon stores depending on the location of the person. But this doesn’t work well. So, I recommend people GeniusLinks. GeniusLinks is an amazon affiliate plugin that supports link localization. With the same link, Indian visitors will land in Amazon India and the US person will land in Amazon USA.

9. Curate deals

If your blog has a deals section, it really helps. People usually visit deals pages to find products up on discounts. This increases the chance of sales. This is the most deals and coupons website earn. If possible, make a deals section for increasing your earnings from Amazon Associates.

10. Don’t SPAM

I have recommended the use of links within content, in images also suggested the use of call to action. While following all these things, you need to take care of credibility and content quality. You shouldn’t do keyword stuffing or add too many links. When a person visits a web page, he should feel like landing on a SPAM website. So, your website should look professional, the content should be good and the recommendation should feel genuine. So, you should spend some time improving your website’s user experience.

11. Leverage Social Media

Social media is a really powerful medium to drive traffic on blogs and affiliate links. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are quite popular to promote affiliate products. Pinterest is generally used by fashion influencers to promote dresses and beauty products. But other bloggers can also try it. You can easily share links on Pinterest and Facebook. For Instagram, I recommend the use Biio.in.

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If you have a good following on social media platorms, you can use your influence to get clicks to affilaite links and boost sales.

Wrap Up

If you are a blogger or have a good following on social media, you should start using the Amazon Associate program. It really works and gives you a good way of earning money online. Initially, I only used Ads to monetize my blog. After I added Amazon Associate links, it helped in boosting my blog income by 400% without affecting my ads revenue. In this article, I added ways that I genuinely follow. I gave also added the snapshot of my one month’s earning to give you an idea of how much I earn by following the ways I am recommending in this article.

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