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Secure Random Password Generator

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A password is the secret word made up of different characters, numbers and symbols. It is used to protect different accounts. If someone else knows your password, he/she can access your account. This is the reason, it is really important to have a strong password. Most of the people keep easy to remember passwords but that is wrong. A password must be hard to guess and tough enough for password crackers to crack.

More than 80% of accounts are hacked due to the use of weak or stolen passwords. So, it is really important to use a strong password. Strong passwords are hard to guess. The hash of these passwords are also close to impossible to crack. So your account will be safe. Use our random strong password generator tool to get a strong password to use.

This is a simple Password Generator tool to generate random and strong password. This password will be hard to remember, but it will also prevent your accounts from being hacked by social engineering, dictionary attack or brute force attack methods.

We have excluded similar characters such as i,l,1,L from the password.

Here are some tips you need to follow

  1. Do not use the same password on multiple places. If a single account is hacked, it puts all of your accounts at risk
  2. Do not use names of your families, spouse, friends or pets in your passwords. These are easy to guess
  3. Avoid using phone numbers, birthdates, post codes or similar things as your passwords. These are easy to guess
  4. Avoid using keyboard key sequences like 'qwerty' or 'asdfgh'. These are easy to crack using brute force.
  5. Do not store your passwords in browsers. These can be revealed easily by using developer tools or browser.
  6. It is also recommended to change your passwords every 8 weeks.
  7. Do not store your critical passwords in normal text files or anywhere in cloud. Always use good password managers to keep your password safe.

Here are answers to some common questions

Do I need a unique password for every account?

Yes, you should not reuse a password across multiple accounts. It puts all your accounts at risk if your password has been compromised. So, never reuse a password. Always make a new password. Use our random password generator tool each time you are making an account on a website

What makes a strong password?

Strong password includes the mixture of capital and small characters along with special characters. Password length is also important and a strong password must be more than 12 characters long.

How can I ever remember a random password?

You do not have to. You can use any good password manager tool. I recommend LastPass. It is a free to keep your passwords safe.

This online Password Generator tool is designed for generating a strong random password. We do not store any password generated using this tool.


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