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What is my IP


What is my IP?

This is a reliable tool for checking your IP address. IP address is your current address on the Internet. All the websites will see this address as your address. Every email will use this IP address as your IP address to attach in email headers. If you want to know about your IP address, you just need to open this page and it will tell you your up address along with few other details about your locations.

What is an IP address?

IP stands for "Internet Protocol". Protocol is the set of rules that drives network. IP address is the address of a device on the network. There are millions of devices connected on the Internet. All the communication is done on the basis of the OP address. So, it is a unique numeric identifier of a device. The address is assigned by your internet service provider dynamically. So, your IP address will change next time you connect to the Internet. In case you wnat, you can ask your ISP to have a static IP address that won't change with the time.


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