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JS Minifier

Online JS Minifier or JS Compressor. Free online Javascript Minifier or Javascript compressor tool. It is Simple and Fast.

Input JS

Copy & Paste JavaScript code that you want to minify.

Minified Output

Compressed Javascript output.

What is JS Minifier

JS Minifier or JSCompress is an online tool that compresses Javascript files and minifies it by uo ti 80% of their original size. You can just Copy and paste your code and click on the Minify button. Use this tool for JavaScript minification and compression.

Minifiying JS means removing the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments because these elements are not actually required for JS. But minifying also makes it difficult to read the JS code. The reason for using JS Minifier is to increase the speed of a website because Minify reduces the JS file size resulting in faster download of JS file. So, it is a common practice among designers and developers to minify JS file on live server.

It basically performs these things:

Why should you compress Javascript?

These are some reasons why you should compress Javascript by using our free JS Minifaction tool.

Why should you use our JS Minifier?

If you own a website, you should know that website's load time is now really important for SEO. Google hates slow websites. One of the primary reasons why a web page takes time to load could be the large JS files. We are offering a free online JS minifier tool that minifies JS file and reduces its overall file size. So, the JS file will load faster resulting in better load time of your website. Our JS Minifier is really simple tool where you need to paste your JS file on the Text area and click on minify button to get the minified version of JS. Nothing complex. COpy the minified version of the JS and use on your web page.


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