How to promote affiliate products on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. The app is mainly popular among teens and has good engagement. So, it is one of the best platforms to promote a business. If you are into affiliate marketing, you can use Instagram to promote affiliate products and earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the major earning sources for me. That is the reason I keep testing different ways to promote products and earn. Recently, I used Instagram to promote products and saw positive results. So I thought to share the same idea with you people.

Instagram is a good place where you can reach potential buyers but the primary issue is that you cannot put links on your Instagram posts. You can only add one link to your profile. If you have more than 10000 followers, you can also add links on your Instagram Stories. So, you need to learn how to use these two places in a better way to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

Before you start, you need to first decide if you want to drive traffic to affiliate pages or to your blog posts linking to affiliate products. I am using a mix of both. I already wrote an article on how to drive traffic on the blog from Instagram. You shouldn’t miss that article.

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While writing this article, I assume you already know what is affiliate marketing and are a member of a few popular affiliate programs. I will take the example of my blog Techlomedia that I monetize using the Amazon Associate affiliate program. You can also use the same promotional methods to promote products of other affiliate programs like Clickbank, ShareASale or CJ Affiliate.

Before you start promoting affiliate products on Instagram, you should understand your followers. For example, followers of my blog Techlomedia’s profile are those who are interested in tech and gadgets. It will be hard for me to sell them clothing but I can easily sell them gadgets. That’s why I use Techlomedia’s follower base to drive traffic to my Amazon Associate affiliate products.

1. Promote affiliate products using Instagram bio link

You cannot put links in on Instagram posts, but you can put one link on Instagram bio. Most people put links to their YouTube channel or blog. But I use a link to a short profile page created using an Insta bio link tool. You may have heard about several bio link tools such as Linktree or Flow Page, but I use Biio. The reason why I use Biio is that the profile page it creates is extremely fast. You get no Biio branding unlike in other tools that put their logo on your profile page. There are multiple creative blocks to promote profile pages. You can put links, links with thumbnails, Image links, YouTube videos, embed Podcasts, embed Soundcloud and RSS feeds. it also lets you cross-link your social media profiles. So, I created image links to promote my affiliate pages. See the snapshot below.

The bio link is that links to a profile where I keep multiple promotional links including an image link gallery for recommended products. The primary reason for using a bio link page on Instagram is that I don’t need to change the link on my bio each time I want to promote a new product. I just need to edit my bio link page at I can also promote multiple products at the same time.

Now when the bio link page is ready, you need to keep encouraging your followers to click on bio link. Here’s a snapshot of an Instagram post.

It is really important to pick proper hashtags for a better reach. Try to understand your followers and post new photos on Instagram when most of your followers are online. It gives better reach and thus more clicks to your links. You should also keep a balance between normal posts and posts promoting bio link. The primary focus should always be keeping followers engaged with good content. The better influence you have on your followers, the more conversion you can expect.

Promote affiliate products on Instagram Stories

Stories is the place on Instagram where you can be creative, get max reach, and drive traffic to other links easily. The more creative posts you put on Instagram Stories, the better conversion you can expect. For using links on Instagram Stories, you must have at least 10000 followers. Then you can put Stories with a link. Swiping on a Story will open the link. You can either link Stories to the affiliate product page or landing page you have on your blog for conversion. That is purely your decision. You can experiment with both to see what works better for you.

Here’s a snapshot of Instagram Story I added with a link to landing page on my blog.

You can think about several different creative ideas for Stories to encourage swipe up on Stories.

3. Run sponsored posts to boost your sales

You can run Instagram ads to drive traffic to a link. If you have a budget for promotion, you can use Instagram to promote links and drive traffic to either your landing page or to your affiliate product page. While running an Instagram ad, you can target your audience to a specific demographic location, interest, and behavior. The better you target, the more conversion you will get.

Wrap Up

Instagram is the app where people send hours a day. So it is the best social media platform to get engagement and drive sales. If you use proper hashtags, photos, and captions, you can easily motive your followers to click on the bio link and check the product. Try to get as many followers as you can. In the end, the number of followers matters. But never try to buy followers because all companies selling Instagram followers provide dead or fake followers that hardly engage. If you are into Affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t ignore Instagram as a marketing platform. Start making plans for Instagram promotion.

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