How to use Instagram to drive traffic to your blog

Instagram is now more popular than Facebook in terms of time spent per session. People spend a lot of time scrolling their Instagram feed. So, it is really important for bloggers and businesses to focus on Instagram marketing. If you have an active following on Instagram, you can use your profile to drive traffic to your blog. In this article, I will explain why should you use Instagram and how this platform can help you in driving relevant traffic to your blog. You can also use Instagram to boost conversion and increasing brand awareness.

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Why should you start promoting your blog on Instagram

Recently I was having a discussion with a full-time blogger about Instagram marketing. He was not interested in talking about Instagram because he doesn’t use the platform for his blog’s brand. That’s purely his choice but here are some numbers one should see before ignoring Instagram as a platform to promote the blog.

“60% of Instagram users say they have learned about a product or service on the platform,” said an article on WordStream.

The platform has over a billion monthly active users where users have the most percentage of interactions with the brand’s posts.

This is the reason you shouldn’t ignore Instagram as a promotion platform to promote your content and get traffic to your blog posts. You don’t need many followers to start promoting your blog. When you promote good content, you will automatically attract followers and engagement.

Instagram is different than Facebook or Twitter. It is because you cannot share a link and get traffic. Links added in Instagram photos descriptions are not clickable. So, there is no way to drive traffic to your blog by sharing posts. You need to make a proper strategy and use a smarter way to drive traffic to your blog. In this article, I will explain how you can use Instagram to drive traffic to your blog.

How to drive traffic to blog from Instagram

Here a few working ways to boost blog’s traffic using Instagram. Read these ways and stay following them properly.

1. Optimize Your Link in Bio

Instagram lets you add a link to your website from bio. Most of the people either put the link of their personal website, YouTube channel or Facebook page. Some people add a link to their latest blog post and change the link each time they publish a new blog post. But there is a smarter way of using the bio link.

You can use This is a bio link service that lets you make a landing page to drive traffic to your different blogs or blog posts. This tool lets you promote links, blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and coupons. You can also cross-link your social media profiles. So, you just need to add one link on your Instagram bio and then see how it promotes your content on Instagram.

drive traffic to blog from Instagram

The tool lets you add an RSS feed of your blog. It automatically fetches the latest 5 posts. You do not need to manually change links each time you publish a new article. With the YouTube block, you can add YouTube feed as well. Anyone visiting your bio link will get all the latest posts from your blog along with other links and videos.

Here is a sample profile of Techlomedia.

When you have a profile on, you can now use the call to action post description so people visit your profile and click on the link you have added in the bio. Instagram is a visual platform, so you need to put posts that reflect your brand and content. Then use the description with CTA encoring people to click on the link in bio.

2. Promote Links using Instagram Stories

This option won’t be available in the start because Instagram only allows a link in Story to users with more than 10000+ followers. Until you reach this milestone, you won’t be able to use Instagram stories for promoting links. When you have enough followers and get this option, you can post a story about a blog post. Include a link in Story and encourage users to swipe up for reading the blog post.

Here’s an example of how creatively you can post a story that drives traffic to your blog.

There are several tools like Canva where you can make interesting stories to share on Instagram.

3. Post consistently

Consistency is the key to success on Instagram. So, you need to be active and post photos or videos on a daily basis. Try to find out relevant ideas and then make interesting posts using Canva or any other photo editing or video editing tool. If you are regular, you will start getting more engagement and followers with the time. As I said, always use a good description with a Call-To-Action. You can also add text in your photos suggesting users check the bio link.

4. Add a call-to-action to your posts

While making a post, you should always add call-to-action. You can encourage them to comment, or visit your blog. If you have already started using, you just need to request them to visit the link in bio. You can not just add CTA text in the post description but also in the photo or video.

Add a call-to-action to your Instagram posts

5. Focus on video content

Videos get more reach than photos. So, it is better if you use videos. You can use any free video editing tool for making short videos to share on Instagram. Canva now also offers an easy way to make short videos to promote your content. You can tease the blog link in the video and also use a proper description encouraging users to visit the bio link to read the article in detail.

Even if videos get more reach, photos get better engagement. So, you should use both photos and videos. Videos will help you in increasing followers and photos will get more engagement. So, the combination of both will make your profile even better.

6. Use Relevant Hashtags

If you have a fewer number of followers, using relevant hashtags can Gove your posts a good reach. This will not just promote your content, but will also increase the chances of attracting more followers on the Instagram. You need to do good research and find relevant hashtags. The only goal of hashtags is to bring your target audience to your posts and encourage them to be your followers.

7. Paid advertisement

Instagram also lets to use promote a post to drive traffic to your website. If you want instant traffic, you can set up a business profile on Instagram and start promotion. You need to make an attractive post and add a link to drive traffic.

Paid advertisement on Instagram

While promoting a link on Facebook, it gives an option to promote the same link to Instagram. You can directly set up the ad from Facebook and promote the link on Instagram.

Wrap Up

Instagram is a social media platform for visual content. You can use this platform for brand awareness and boosting your blog’s traffic. At the time when most people are using it to share entertainment videos, you can use it for promoting your blog or website to get more relevant traffic. You just need to understand what kind of posts to share. The tool is really interesting and helpful to drive traffic from Instagram to your blog.


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