15 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Only creating a website is not sufficient if it is unable to reach its target visitors. There are billions of websites running over the internet. Every website owner wants to increase traffic to its website. Until your website is getting visitors or your blog is getting reader, there is no value to your hard work. It is also important if you want to earn money online or you are planning an online business. I receive many questions from bloggers and webmasters regarding How to Increase Traffic. So, In this post, I am going to write about some tricks to increase traffic to your website, blog or forums.

I have 10 years of experience in blogging and digital marketing. I own some high traffic websites and I also helped several people in making their website a success. Everything I write on this blog comes from my personal experience. In this article, I will talk about different ways to boost traffic to your blog or website.

How to increase traffic to your Website or Blog

Here are a few ways that you should follow. These are not optional. You must follow all these for better results.

1. Offer Original and Quality Content

Content is the most important thing that plays the main role in the blog. People will come back if they like the content of your blog. And they will also share your blog posts with their friends. It will help you to make your blog a brand and get more visitors daily. If you will not offer something original, why will someone visit your blog? Most people do the mistake of copying content from other popular blogs. But think if people can already see the same content on a reputed blog, why will they reach to your blog. So, try to give your readers something unique and interesting. It will also encourage users to share your posts on social media. Original and quality content always brings traffic.

If you have an e-commerce store, write content manually in place of putting the product description you get from the brand. It is because several e-commerce stores are using the same description. So your website will have duplicate content. This is the reason content plays an important role.

Always try to write an in-depth article that gives value to your readers. There is no hard and fast rule on the word count. For example, news blogs put short content. So, it depends on the kind of blog. You should also perform in-depth keyword research by using tools like SEMrush. It helps you in getting profitable keyword ideas.

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2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is really an important thing. I know a is about writing what you want and know. But you should also know what kind of content people are looking for. There are certain keywords that people usually search on the web. If you know and use those keywords in your blog, there are high chances of getting good traffic. I personally use and recommend SEMrush. I use it in two ways.

First I use this to find potential beneficial keywords on certain topics. It will show you keywords with a number of searches and keyword difficulty. So, you can easily make a list of keywords you need to use. You can also use SEMrush to find out keywords your competitors are ranking on. Then you can make pages on those keywords with better content to outrank your competitor.

Keyword Research Semrush

When you have keywords to use in a blog post, make sure you are using these keywords in proper places. Like the primary keyword should in Post title, Heading, Content and image ALT. Secondary keywords should in content. There are no certain rules on keywords density but make sure you are using keyword enough but not over.

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3. Write on trending topics

Trending topics always bring lots of traffic in a short span of time. If you write about trendy topics, chances of your post going viral increases. For example, I wrote about Air Purifiers when I saw Delhi suffering smog. My post attracted more than 5000 people in just a day and I sold more than 50 Air purifiers via affiliate links. So, a trending topic not just brought traffic but also earned me well. Same thing I applied for my Travel website. I wrote about the Statue of Unity with details like how to visit, what to do and more. As soon as the Statue of Unity became a tourist place, this post started getting social media shares and I got decent traffic.

You can use Google Trends to find out what is trending in your niche or location. The write an interesting post on that topic.

Google Trends

4. Write better title

This is really important as it increases CTR in search results and social media. That is the reason now people write clickbait articles. If you are using an interesting title, it will surely do well on social media websites bringing you lots of traffic.

There are also some unique tools that help you in writing better headlines. I use SEMrush to under keywords and then decide the article. You can also try CoSchedule Headline Analyzer and Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer tools. These tools help you in writing headlines that work well on social media for high CTR.

5. Interlinking

Interlinking doesn’t directly impact traffic but it helps in reducing the bounce rate. It also improves the crawling of your older article. In WordPress, Interlinking is really easy using the WordPress post editor. While writing an article, make sure you are mentioning relevant old articles. You can also use related post plugins to show similar articles at the end of the blog post. Make it a habit to link to your older article.

Interlinking passes link juice to old articles, reduces bounce rate and improves the crawl rate of old articles.

6. Add Images, videos, Infographics to Make Visually Attractive Content

It is really important to make a visually attractive content. It retains interest because our brain prefers visual elements and our eyes love colors. So, add relevant images and videos in the blog post. When it is necessary, add charts and Infographics to make the content even better and engaging.

If you are not sure where you get images, you should know about royalty-free images websites that offer free to use images. You can also use Canva to make attractive images, infographics or charts.

7. Make Blog SEO Friendly

Before you think of running and promoting your website over the internet, it is important to make sure your website is properly optimized for search engines. It is called SEO. Follow Google’s guidelines and make your blog SEO friendly. Research keywords and then write the content of your website effectively. Search engines are really great to get traffic so try to get better rank in Search engines like Google. Use ALT tag in images with proper keyword. Keyword research is the main thing you must learn if you really want to get organic traffic to your blog.

Not just content, you must also check your blog’s theme. Make sure there is only one H1 and H2 headings. if there is more then one H1, it is bad for SEO. You should also make sure your widget titles are not H2 otherwise there will be more than one H2 tags as well. H1 and H2 tags should only be within the content.

8. Optimize Website Speed

Now when most people access the web from mobile devices, it is really important to make pages fast and mobile-friendly. Your website must be really fast. Google has also moved to mobile-first indexing. So, your web pages must load in less than 2 seconds and page speed score should also be 80+. You need to optimize your website’s performance. If you are using WordPress, I wrote an article in improving WordPress load time. You can read that guide to improve your website faster.

I have made a custom theme for my blog UseThisTip that gave me an impressive result. Here is the PageSpeed Score of it on the desktop with Google Ads.

Optimize Website Speed SEO

9. Good Design

Design is another important factor that affects your website. While making a website fast and mobile-friendly, you should not ignore its design. Create your website easy to navigate so that visitors have no difficulty to find content on it. The color theme of the website should be good. It also helps in getting returning users. Website design is also a key factor that makes the website a brand. People hate websites with cheap designs. Give your website a professional look. If you are not a good designer, you can download freely available themes. I usually write posts on bloggers, HTML and WordPress themes. You can explore older posts to see those posts.

When I talk about design, it is not just about colors but overall user experience. So, make sure you are not using an irritating pop-up or pop-under ads.

Now when Google is switching to mobile-first indexing, also make sure your blog’s design is mobile-friendly. Use a responsive theme or use AMP for faster access to your articles on mobile devices.

10. Participate in Q & A Websites

I am active on Quora and also recommend you to be. Not just on Quora, you can also be active on similar sites like Stack Exchange, TripAdvisor or other online communities relevant to your website. You can answer people’s queries and build a reputation. All these sites give you an option to have a link to your website from the profile section. You can also put a link to your own articles in answers where it is relevant. This helps in making a regular source of the traffic to your blog from these Q&A websites.

11. Blog Commenting

Find blogs on the same topic as you have and do comment with your website link. But be sure to write a good comment and do not look like a spammer. Otherwise, the website owner will delete your comment. The default WordPress comment system allows us to add our website link with the comment. There are lots of people who really read comments and check the websites by clicking on the profile link shown in comments. It also adds a backlink to help in SEO. If the website is using Disqus, avoid putting links in comment. It looks creepy and you will end up looking like a spammer.

12. Generate backlinks

Even if the content is the most important, backlinks are still important and are one of the ranking factors. So, you should always try to get backlinks. If you write in-depth content, there are high chances of getting natural backlinks. But you can also use guest posting to get some backlinks from good websites. Backlinks improve the domain authority. If you publish guest posts, you will not just improve authority to your blog, you will also get exposure as a writer on some good blogs where you will be publishing the guest posts. So, make a list of websites in your niche that accept guest posts and pitch them for a guest post

Blog commenting is also a popular way of getting a backlink. If you are participating in Q & A sites, you can get some backlinks from there.

13. RSS Feeds

Create an RSS feed and give people another way to interact with your content. Email subscribers are also an important part of blogging. If you will allow visitors to subscribe to your blog, they will receive emails in their inbox when you publish a new post. If your post is good enough, they will click on email links and come to your blog to read the full article. Recently, Neil Patel claimed that he is receiving good traffic from emails. So, you should also try to take advantage of email lists to get traffic on your blog. Feedburner is the free feed service by Google and works fine. You can also use professional email marketing tools.

14. Social Media Sharing

Social media is also an important traffic source. Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest, Mix, and Reddit play the main role as a traffic source. So, we must add social sharing and social bookmarking buttons on our blog. This will allow readers to share our posts on various social bookmarking websites. Social Media is one of the biggest sources of traffic. So, you should not ignore this. Be active on social media and build a strong relationship with your followers. It takes a few weeks but you will surely get good results.

Not just recent articles, you should also keep sharing your old posts on social media on a regular basis. As per recently SEO studies, social signals also play an important role in SEO. So, you should not ignore it.

15. Use Blog Link As Email Signature

Use your website as a signature in your emails. It will help you to promote your website. Whenever you send emails to someone, a link to your blog will also go with the email. It will also help you to reach up to more readers.

Wrap Up

These are some tips to increase traffic to your website and get better ranking in various search engines. The website’s structure, theme, and content are the most important. So, you should always use a good and fast theme. The start writing good content that adds value. After publishing a blog post, share it on different social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Flipboard and more to get some visitors from the social mediums. Never ignore interlinking.


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