How to earn money online on Quora

Quora is an online forum cum social media platform where you can ask any question and get answers from different people. In recent years, this platform has become really useful and a part of our daily life. Not just it gives answers we are looking for, it also suggests to us the questions we might find interesting. These suggestions help us to explore more topics and get more knowledge from experts.

The reason why Quora is successful in keeping spam away is the team of moderators who keep an eye on questions people ask and answers people post. If there’s any kind of nudity, spam, irrelevant promotion, moderators remove the question or answer that doesn’t follow the community guidelines.

Like other social media platform, Quora can also be used to earn money online if you are active on the platform. If you regularly answer people’s questions or ask regular but relevant questions, you can use the Quora’s power to earn money. If you are not sure how one can earn money Quora, keep reading. In this article, I will explain different ways to earn money online on Quora.

How to earn money online on Quora.

You can earn money by asking questions and posting answers both. Yes, not just for answers but you will also earn by asking questions. I will make two different sections to explain everything in a better way.

Ways to Earn money on Quora by answering questions

There are multiple ways of earning money by answering questions.

1. Sharing Answers Promoting Affiliate Links: This is the most profitable way of earning money online but you need to learn how to do this without making your answer look like a promotion. Otherwise, Quora Moderator will remove your answer. If you are not sure what is affiliate links, you should read my older article: What is affiliate marketing and how to use it to earn money online?

On Quora, people are asking about anything. You can just think about anything and there are questions related to it. So, you can easily find questions about the products you want to promote. For example, people have asked questions about the best laptops under a specific price segment. As a tech blogger, I have different articles on a similar topic and I also use the affiliate program of Amazon to promote laptops and other gadgets. I post a detailed answer with 2-3 options one can buy. I keep the answer detailed explaining everything about the product and then add a link to buy from Amazon. Now you can either link directly to Amazon using Amazon affiliate links or link to your blog post if you want to drive traffic to your blog post and then use the blog post to send people to affiliate links. I recommend you to try both ways and see what converts better.

If you have read my article on affiliate marketing, I have already explained to you that there is no limit on earnings via Affiliate marketing. If you recommend a good product and your recommendation words are strong, you will surely get good sales.

I used Amazon just for example. You can use products from any affiliate program to promote. The only thing you need to take care of is relevancy.

2. Redirect Traffic to your website and boost your display advertising revenue: In the previous section, I have already talked about it. You can put your answers along with links to your blog posts as a source of the answer or a link for further reading. If someone is impressed by your answer and wish to know more on the topic, he may click on your link and your website will get traffic. But make sure you are adding relevant links. If links are relevant, you can convert these people to become regular visitors to your blog. The more traffic your blog gets, the more chances of clicks on ads and then more earning from Google Adsense or any other display advertising network.

As I already said, your answer and link shouldn’t look like you are promoting your blog. Otherwise, Quora moderator will remove your answer. Here is one of my popular answer driving regular traffic to my blog.

earn money online on Quora

3. Brand Promotion: There are some brands that engage with Quora users having good followers in their Quora marketing campaigns. Here, you will be asked to put positive answers about a brand. Not many brands are doing this but there are a few who want to build a positive image of a brand.

Here I will suggest you engage only with a good brand in any promotional activities. If you promote a brand known for selling band products, you may end up ruining your own reputation.

I cannot say how you can find brands for Quora promotion. Generally, these brands automatically contact people who are active and have good followers. So, you will have to wait until you get an email from brands.

4. Make Quora Spaces: Last year in 2018, Quora announced Spaces that is like a group on Quora. You can make the Quora group on different topics and let people follow your Quota Space. If you get more followers, you can share your blog links to get traffic. You can also are answers you posted on other questions to get more views for your questions and more clicks on your affiliate link.

Option for making Quora Space is also not available to all Quora users. So, you will have to check if you have the option of making Quora Space or not. I have not received any option for making Quora Space. So, I asked one of my friends to create a Quora Space and add me as an admin. If you didn’t see any option of making Quora Space, look for a friend you already got this option.

Here is how Quora Space looks.

Earn money on Quora

Ways to Earn money on Quora by asking questions

Join Quora Partner Program: This option is not yet available to all Quora users but a few users who actively use Quora have received a new notification of joining the Quora Partner Program. Under this program, Quora itself pays users for asking valuable questions and pays on the basis of views and engagement the questions received.

You can earn more than $100 just from a single question. If your questions keep getting views, you will be earning accordingly. Here is the look at Quora Partner Program Dashboard.

Quora also shows a list of answers earning well to encourage partners to ask more questions. Have a look at this snapshot of the suggestions section. You will get an idea of views and earnings of different questions. These are some high earning questions from different Quora users.

Ways to Earn money on Quora by asking questions

This snapshot shows Questions in Hindi because I received the option for the Hindi language. I have no idea if English language questions pay more or less. Considering the advertising revenue trend, people who get this feature for the English language may earn better because advertisers pay high on English content.

Quora also shows the highest-earning partners. Here is the list of top 5 highest-earning partners in the Hindi section.

Ways to Earn money on Quora by asking questions

So, check if you have received this option.

This program is having its own limitations. Your questions may not receive many views. So, you will have to find other ways to get traffic and engagement. You can share the question link on other social media platforms or request answers from people. Many of my questions didn’t get many views and any earning even after a few weeks. So, you need to be positive and keep asking.

Final Words

Now you know different ways of earning money on Quora. I am sure you understand that Quora marketing is also not as easy as it looks because you will have to be relevant and don’t look like you are here just for promotion. You need to post answers like you are genuinely helping with your answer and putting values.

Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to learn how to properly promote products and what kind of words to use for making the readers to customers.


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