7 Off-page SEO Tips To Drive Traffic

Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing for a person who owns a website. If you are a website or blog owner, you must take care of the SEO of your blog. There are mainly two things we do while performing SEO for a website. These are on-page optimization and Off-page optimization. This post is about off-page optimization tips for your blog.

Most people generally think that Off-page SEO is just about making backlinks and sharing posts on social media. They should reconsider their opinion. Off-page search engine optimization is not just about acquiring backlinks but also about branding. So off page SEO should also condsider branding as a task and then work accordingly.

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What is Off-Page Optimization?

Off-page Optimization is the SEO process which is applied to the post publishing. Something that we do after publishing the content online. It is basically the blog’s promotion, sharing on different social media platforms, and telling people about your new blog post. Most of the people think that writing good quality content is enough to take your blog higher on search results. But off-page optimization is equally important. It helps in building blog reputation, increasing reader base and brings additional traffic.

Off Page Optimization Tips

Branding is also equally important. A good organic ranking brings people to your website from different search engines but branding brings people directly. That means branding brings direct traffic. Branding also helps in getting mouth publicity. Good branding helps in acquiring natural backlinks. In this article, I will talk about different ways to follow while doing off-page optimization of your blog or website.

Off-Page Optimization Tips

These are few off-page optimization tips of a blog

1. Link Building

We know links are important for better ranking in search engines. This is the reason, you should always think of putting link building at the top of all the off-page things you do. Link Building is also not easy because getting an organic link is really hard for a new website. Popular websites can easily get organic links in the form of references but for a new website, you need to send several outreach emails asking other website owners to add links to your website if they find it useful. So, you also need to have a valuable tool or content to get links from other websites. There are also several webmasters who ask for money in return for a backlink.

For getting the right backlinks, you should first make the right plan. Working without a plan won’t help. So, you should first identify what kinds of websites you need to contact. Getting links from websites such as Wikipedia helps a lot. So, try getting links from websites that already have high DA.

Broken Link Building really helps here. It is an interesting strategy. You need to look for relevant pages with broken links. You can then ask the website owner to replace the broken link with a link back your website that is similar.

2. Social media sharing or social bookmarking

The promotion of your blog on various social media websites is very important. For better results, make a page of your blog on Facebook, create a Twitter profile, an Instagram profile or a space on Quora. Then start sharing content and building a community of followers. If you have a budget, you can invest in the Facebook promotion to acquire more page likes. You should also create a profile on several social bookmarking websites such as Mix.com, Pinterest, and Reddit. Sharing your content on different social media websites or social bookmarking websites will give it exposure. But again, the quality of your content and catchy headline play important roles.

SEMrush offers Social Media Toolkit, one place to manage and track all your social profiles. I personally love this tool. It moot just saves time, lets you promote posts on multiple social media websites, get insights, and track competitors.

3. Guest Posting

It is the best way to build high-quality backlinks for your blog. Find a good blog under the same niche and then write guest posts on those blogs. Most of the blogs accepting guest posts also offer a backlink. Guest posting has two benefits. It will provide you a backlink and traffic. If the blog where your guest post gets published has a good reader base, your blog will get exposure. You will surely get traffic back from that guest post and obviously some regular readers if they find your blog good.

You can SEMrush for finding websites that are similar to your website. Guest posting on a competitor’s website will help a lot. The success depends on how you approach

4. Blog Commenting

It is also the best way to get exposure to your website among other bloggers. You can join a conversation on a blog by commenting. Some blogs also offer a dofollow comment link which helps page rank. Even if there’s a nofollow backlink, it helps in getting some traffic from that discussion. Find a blog under your niche and write a reasonable comment.

5. Answer on different forums and help others

Forums are also good places where you can promote your blog but it needs a better strategy. It shouldn’t look like a blog promotion. You need to focus on solving the problem of other people and give reference to your blog posts if you have written any article solving the problem.

I personally use Quora for this. I genuinely answer there and put a link tony blog post if it organically fits there.

6. Build Relationships with other Webmasters and Influencers

When you are into some business, it is always helpful to get some contacts who are doing the same business. This rule also applies here. You should try to be in contact with other bloggers and webmasters. They can recommend your blog to others if they really like your content. The same goes for influencers. Recommendation for your blog by an influencer can do wonder. If you build relationships with these people, you have a chance to tell them about your blog and expect recommendations.

7. Influencer Outreach

Now several companies use Influencer Outreach as an off-page SEO technique. If your website is about a product or service, Influencer Outreach can help in branding. You can contact some well-known influencers in your niche ad then ask them to talk about your product, service, or website. It gives your brand a boost and also helps in acquiring some natural links. For influencer outreach, you need to have a good budget but Influencers mostly charge money for brand mentions or promotions.

Wrap Up

These are a few quick tips for the off-page optimization of your blog. There are various other ways that can also be applied for off-page optimization which include RSS creation and submission, Video sharing websites, image sharing websites, and forum posting.


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